Cluster of Courses in English on: Addressing the Challenges of Diversity in Israeli Society


התמודדות עם אתגרי השונות בחינוך הישראלי

ביה"ס לחינוך ע"ש שלמה (סימור) פוקס מציע מקבץ קורסים לתואר ראשון בשפה האנגלית החל משנה"ל תשע"ח, שידונו באתגרי המגוון (diversity) בחברה הישראלית בכלל, ובחינוך בישראל בפרט. השיח על מגוון ועל רב-תרבותיות תופס מקום מרכזי במרחב הציבורי בישראל ובעולם, ובמיוחד במסגרות האקדמיות. החברה הישראלית מהווה זירה אופטימלית ללימוד על מגוון בחינוך, והיא ניתנת לתיאור במונחים של “super-diversity” – זאת לאור ריבוי התרבויות ותתי-התרבויות המאפיינות אותה. 
הקורסים שמוצעים במסגרת המקבץ מיועדים הן לסטודנטים מחו"ל והן לסטודנטים ישראליים המעוניינים להתעמק בסוגיות של מגוון תרבותי הרלוונטיות לחינוך בכלל, ולחינוך בישראל בפרט, על היבטיו השונים. השילוב של סטודנטים מקבוצות שונות ומרקע שונה יאפשר אינטראקציה, שיתוף פעולה, והפריה הדדית שיתרמו להבנה רחבה ומעמיקה של נושאים הקשורים למגוון ולרב-תרבותיות.  

The Seymour Fox School of Education is proud to offer a cluster of couses taught in English for students enrolled in a BA/BSc program, starting the academic year 2017-2018. These courses address the challenges of diversity in Israeli society and education. The discourse on diversity and multi-culturalism have become central in society and academia in Israel and throughout the world. Israel, which can be described as a "super-diverse" society, due to the wide range of cultures and sub-cultures of which it is composed, provides an optimal laboratory for the study of diversity in education.

The courses offered are designed for overseas and Israeli students interested in deepening their understanding of the conflicts that may arise from social diversity in education. Bringing together students from different groups, identities and backgrounds will allow for fruitful interaction and collaboration that are likely to contribute to a broader and more profound understanding of issues related to diversity and multi-culturalism.

Course List

Between Segregation and Desegregation: The History of Israeli Education

The history of Jewish education spans millennia. This course will give an overview of the history of Israeli education from its religious roots in the 18th century to its current national expressions in the 21st century. In the process of communicating this historical overview of Jewish and Israeli education we will witness the different roles of religion, nationalism, languages, politics, gender and culture in the formation of Israeli education. Read more...

Instructor: Dr. Dan Porat
Course number: 34597
Schedule: Spring semester, 10 meetings starting 19.3.2018 on Mondays from 12:30 to 14:15
Field Trips: 23.3.2018 and 25.5.2017, 8:30-12:00
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Multicultural Civic Education: The Case of Israel

This course’s goal is to raise awareness towards issues of diversity and multiculturalism as part of the civic education process. We will first read theoretical writings that highlight the importance of dealing with different types of diversity as part of education in a democratic state. Read more...

Instructor: Dr. Aviv Cohen
Course number: 34598
Schedule: Spring semester, 10 meetings starting 19.3.2018 on Mondays from 14:30 to 16:15
Field Trip: 18.5.2018, 8:30-12:00 
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    Inclusive Early Childhood Special Education

    This course is designed to introduce students to the field of inclusive early childhood education. Students will become acquainted with early child development, generally. They will be exposed to the process of identifying specific developmental needs in early childhood and how we think about targeting educational interventions to these needs. Read more...

    Instructor: Dr. Judah Koller
    Course number: 34599
    Schedule: Spring semester, 10 meetings starting 19.3.2018 on Mondays from 16:30 to 18:15
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    Teaching Other Religions in Jewish Education

    The course examines some of the central issues that arise with respect to teaching about other religion in the context of Jewish education. Learning about other religions is not only an essential element in the pupil’s understanding of the world but is also necessary for a complete Jewish self-understanding resulting from centuries of Jewish life alongside and among Christians and Muslims in particular. Read more...

    Instructor: Dr. Michael Gillis
    Course number: 34600
    Schedule: Spring semester, 10 meetings starting 21.3.2018 on Wednesdays from 16:30 to 18:15
    Field Trips: 20.4.2018 and 11.5.2018 , 8:30-12:00
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    Cultural Pluralism or Multiculturalism: A Socio-psychological Perspective

    The course will address aspects of pluralism and multiculturalism from a socio-psychological perspective. We will focus on various kinds of minorities in contemporary Israel society – immigrants (“Olim”), Palestinian Arabs, Israeli Druze, and others. Read more...

    Instructor: Prof. Gabriel Horenczyk
    Course number: 34601
    Schedule: Spring semester, 10 meetings starting 21.3.2018 on Wednesdays from 12:30 to 14:15
    Field Trip: 4.5.2018, 8:30-12:00
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    The Arab Society and Arab Education in Israel

    The course would seek to provide students an understanding of Palestinian society and education under the Ottoman Empire and the British Mandate.  Students will learn about the impact of Israel’s establishment on Palestinian society, in particular the formation of the Palestinian Israeli education system as a separate entity in Israel. Read more...

    Instructor: Prof. Salim J. Munayer
    Course number: 34602
    Schedule: Spring semester, 10 meetings starting 21.3.2018 on Wednesdays from 14:30 to 16:15
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