Regional meeting of the International Society for Research on Aggression - ISRA


The Regional ISRA Meeting will be held at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and will also be the founding meeting of the Israeli Society for Research on Aggression, and will be held in Jerusalem on October 22 – 24, 2019.

For all information about the interim meeting, please check back here, or write to  or visit the society website at

Scientific Program

The scientific program of the 2019 Regional Meeting aims to represent multidisciplinary research on aggressive behavior. The foundation of the scientific program will include oral paper presentations, poster sessions, invited talks, and a meeting of members. We also seek to organize themed symposia that bring together invited speakers and/or scholars who represent myriad disciplines to discuss the field of aggression from their varied perspectives.

Call for Abstracts and Symposia May 1, 2019. Send your abstracts to

Submission information will be posted here, the ISRA website, and presented in the ISRA Bulletin.

Conference Chairs:

Prof. Tom Gumpel

School of Education

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Prof. Mike Potegal

ISRA Past President, 2016-2018

University of Minnesota