Tentative Schedule for the ISRA Regional Meeting, October 22-24, 2019

Thank you for registering for the regional ISRA meeting in Jerusalem, October 22-24!

Check back here for scheduling announcements.

In the meantime, please note the following plenary sessions / symposia.

Prof. Azar Gat (Tel Aviv University):

Are violence and war in our nature: What is right and what is wrong about the Seville Statement on Violence?

Prof. Paul J. Frick (Louisiana State University)

Plenary: The role of callous-unemotional traits in the development of aggression in children in adolescents

Symposium: Callous-unemotional traits and their implications for understanding, assessing, and treating aggression in children and adolescents

Prof. Eric F. Dubow (Bowling Green State University):

Symposium: Understanding the psychological processes in the relation between exposure to ethnic-political violence and aggression among Israeli and Palestinian youth: The role of social cognitions and emotional dysregulation