The Laboratory for the Study of Parenting

Dr. Naama Gershy

The Lab for the Study of Parenting in the School of Education at the Hebrew University aims to better understand parenting processes during conflictual and stressful parent-child interactions. As much of the variability and comorbidity associated with child behavior problems has been found to relate to negative parent-child relationships, research in the lab aims to: 1) improve scientific understanding of the physiological, emotional, and cognitive processes that underlie negative interactions, and 2) identify factors that increase or decrease parents’ capacity for emotion regulation during parent-child conflict. Building upon this knowledge, an additional focus of research in the lab is on development of enhanced treatment protocols for working with parents of children with behavioral problems and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), as well as improved early interventions and preventative measures for use with families of children at risk for behavior problems.