Gender, Religion and Social Change

Dr. Tanya Zion-Waldoks

My central research interests are the dynamics of social change at the intersection of gender, religion and politics. My current focus is on religious women’s activism, feminist subjectivities, political agency and strategies of change within national and local contexts – in diverse religious/traditional sectors of Israel society (both Jewish and non-Jewish). As part of this, I am interested in processes of socialization and resistance, transformation and continuity, belonging and critique. I explore the role of education in such processes, with an eye to questions of intersectionality, gender and sexuality, marginality, relationality, vulnerability and resilience. Connecting the micro with the macro, I interrogate relations between public and private, law and culture (or norms and narratives), family, community and nation-state. I utilize, teach, and critically examine qualitative methodologies as a means of both producing rich knowledge and challenging the current production of knowledge.